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Readers' Choice for Murderous Mysteries!  
Blood Moon: The Casino Murders 
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             Shannon Richardson is the Readers' Choice for Murderous Mysteries! 
        "Shannon writes the best books. It's no wonder she's a best seller. I encourage all my friends to order her books and e-books." -- Sandy Duncan 
                       Photo of Shannon Richardson
 Shannon Richardson is a national best selling author, movie producer, and one of today’s most loved writers of mystery/ true crime.  Her expertise is writing based on a true story books and movies--not an easy task, since life doesn't happen in a three-act structure.  "I chose to write based on a true story movies and books because I like people, and my law enforcement background makes me fascinated with the criminal mind.  I've learned over the years that in order to write true stories you have to be part journalist, psychologist, lawyer, researcher, and more importantly a friend.  Anyone who has a dramatic-life-story has suffered some kind of trauma that has happen to them.  Trust and understanding have to be my priority." 
    Shannon's books are:
Deadly Deception: A True Story of Duplicity, Greed, Dangerous Passion, and One Woman’s Courage  The book is based on a true story about a romantic who falls for a man with the hidden agenda to kill her.  Midwest Book Review says, "Deadly Deception is the substance of horror movie thrillers."  The book has been optioned three times for movies and is a best selling book. Both hardcover and paperback.
Blood Moon: The Casino Murders  The book is about a "super cop" in an Indian casino.  Being non-Indian she has to maneuver the landmines of the American Indian traditions and superstitions while trying to catch a serial killer.  There are other issues complicating her life: a casino heist, a secret love for her Indian boss, escaping an abusive ex-husband...  Inspired by Shannon's own true story as a "super cop" in Durango, Colorado. An eBook.
The Yellow Rose of Texas: The Real Story is about the woman that inspired the song, The Yellow Rose of Texas--Emily West Morgan. When kidnapped by the President of Mexico, Emily becomes a spy for the Texans during their fight for independence.  She falls in love with the president and must choose between her love for her country and the love of her life.  This is the love story that changed the face of North America.  An eBook based on a true story. 
is a step by step workbook to walk screenwriters through rewriting, tightening, structuring, and formatting their screenplays.  This book covers the script,  the treatment, the synopsis, the pitch, the log line, the query, marketing, and etc.  There are examples of a treatment, synopsis, pitch, and log line.  A workbook or an eBook. 
    Shannon’s also produced two feature films (Deadly Obsession [a psychological thriller movie] and The Lights [horror movie]) and she directed Deadly Obsession
    Shannon's taught screenwriting at the prestigious Kennedy Center, The Writer's Center and at numerous universities.  She's been a guest speaker at The Writer's Connection, The Writers' Center, The American Film Institute, Washington Independent Writers and Women In Film.
Shannon is available to give speeches and workshops on the writing or movie making processes.
Shannon's movies are:
 Deadly Obsession--Based on True Story - Events The movie is about two teens whose car breaks down, and they hitch a ride with a serial killer.  He takes them back to his private torture chamber, where they are beaten, raped, and subjected to other unspeakable cruelties.  The girl escapes, but the authorities drop the case when her mother tells them she is lying.
   Will the girl convince the cynical detective to help her find this monster before he kills again?
The Lights When four teens go out to watch a meteor shower, strange lights appear and send a psychotic killer into a murderous rage. Who will survive? 
To purchase an eBook go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, your local bookstore or library.  For details regarding ordering an online book, pricing, shipping, taxes, etc. go to the page for each book. 

Shannon Richardson is also available to give speeches or teach workshops on the writing process or subjects concerning making movies.  She invites you to visit her by emailing her at:
 Please be patient.  She will respond but due to the flood of responses it may take some time.
You can also find her on Facebook:  
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